Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nice numbers

Got my yearly physical and one area I was very curious about was blood lipid (cholesterol) numbers. I've always been interested, not because I have tremendously high numbers but because I do have some family members who had cardiovascular disease in the past.

After doing P90x (exercise and nutrition) and taking the test in October, I received the results in the mail.

Total cholesterol: 135
Triglycerides: (<150 is good): 56 [!)
HDL (>40 good): 47
ratio total cholesterol/HDL (<4.5): 2.9
LDL (<160): 77

Compare this with some of my other numbers from past (worst was 2001/2002):

Total: 202
triglycerides: 116
HDL: 43
ratio: 4.7
LDL: 136

Total: 191
HDL: 38
ratio: 5.0
LDL: 102

Thanks to Tony and Beachbody, I'm at much less risk for cardiovascular disease!

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