Wednesday, January 14, 2009

P90x kicker

Had to cross-post from Carl Daikler's blog.

This is a truly inspiring and undeniable result - P90x made a difference for pro kicker David Akers!


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Skier week 2

Here's my plan for this week - wish me luck! By day 6 I think I'll be spent (need to be ready for skiing next week, we have a storm coming ;)!

Day 1 Back and Biceps, abx
Day 2 Kenpo X
Day 3 Gym weights (my workout) and abx
Day 4 1/2 Yoga X/night ski
Day 5 CST, Abx
Day 6 P90 Plyo Legs
Day 7 Rest

In fact if we ski, I may modify this to include a rest day on skiing in place of CST or Yoga and push those back. Depending on next weekend that may affect P90 Plyo Legs also. It's as important at this point so close to my trip in 3 weeks to get comfortable on skis vs condition for skiing.

But this is a valid goal for week 2 workouts.

Skier workout results

Here's what I did for a workout last week:

Week 1

Day 1 Shoulders/arms and Ab ripper.

Day 2 Power 90 Plyo/Legs

Day 3 Core Synergistics

Day 4 Cardio-X

Day 5 rest

Day 6 Leg/core workout


circuit of next 3, 30 seconds rest in between
a Bosu squats w dumbbells 25, 30x2
b Bosu single leg hops 15x2,20
c overhand wide grip pullups 15,12,10

circuits of next 3, 30 seconds rest in between
d squat toe raise 135x10,185x9x2
e Dumbell press overhead/lunge 30x5,35x8x2 each leg
f reverse grip chinup 13, 13, 10

Break - 1 min

3 sets of next two
g leg press/toe raise 10Px9, 8P+50x10x2
h close grip pullups 14, 10, 10

i speed squats (15) left, then right, 10 more jumping
j alternating pullups 8 + 8 with chair - left shoulder sore!

k - Cooldown and stretch!

Day 7 Yoga X