Saturday, March 21, 2009

More famous folks doing the X!

More and more stories of P90x making the rounds - cross posted from Carl's blog

Ray Lewis is doing it as is Ashton Kucher.

Lewis, a perennial probowler has some interesting comments that echo what TH says about the program

Lewis, who played a vital role in helping the Ravens reach the AFC Championship Game, said he has never felt better physically in 13 NFL seasons. He largely credits that to changing his approach to physical conditioning during every offseason. Lewis' theory: If you do the same thing, you'll get the same results.Lewis' newest routine includes a program called P90X, which operates on the principle of "muscle confusion." The concept is to constantly introduce the body to new movements and exercises so it won't plateau.

"I just incorporated it in a lot of different places in my workouts, and it's given me the challenge that I needed," Lewis said. "Greatness is not just one big thing -- it's a lot of small things done well.

And to think we who do it don't even have to be famous to choose this world-class regime (yet ;)

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