Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yogurt keeps you healthy

The list is impressive and with the most up-to-date information we have.

From gum disease and halitosis to influenza, even AIDS, allergies and vaginal health, yogurt is one of the best examples of food as medicine.

Yogurt contains "probiotics", which literally means "pro-life".

Consumption of probiotics are linked to healthier body weight in women

They help with eczema.

One of the most digestible ways to add calcium to your diet, the fermentation that occurs aids the dairy digestion. It is effective against many forms of diarrhea.

A recent study of endurance athletes (which can be a stress on the immune system, or a help based on intensity) showed that regular consumption of probiotics can fight common cold virus!
CONCLUSIONS: Prophylactic administration of PCC was associated with a substantial reduction in the number of days and severity of respiratory illness in a cohort of highly trained distance runners.

Going a little further with this speculating, it's not hard to imagine that with the understanding of inflammation and the role of viruses in causing more serious disease such as heart disease and cancer, that over time you're adding to the quality and length of your healthy life by eating probiotics. Maybe all those ads in the 70s for 100+ Georgians really were accurate - the longevity may be in part from the yogurt!

Acknowledgements to Realage for providing much of this information. More of the list of what probiotics helps with is here

Allergic Rhinitis; Behcet’s Syndrome; Canker Sores; Colds (Prevention); Colon Cancer (Prevention); Constipation (Chronic); Diverticular Disease; Dyspepsia; Eczema; High Cholesterol; Immune Support; Inflammatory Bowel Disease ( Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease) ; Insomnia; Milk Allergies; Probiotics; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Ulcers; Vaginal Infection; Yeast Hypersensitivity Syndrome

A few shopping tips - nonfat or at the least low fat is preferred for weight management. There's a great mix of protein and good carbs in most yogurts. Many times I'll buy the bulk 2 pound container of non-fat and sweeten it myself with preserves or berries.

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