Saturday, December 27, 2008

Skier workout, week 1

I've come up with a workout I think should help in skiing.

It's based on some Beachbody workouts in a circuit of blocks of two weeks. I will probably modify this for a longer period at some point, more like 10 weeks ideally with different phases but for now I will try this for the next 3-4, before my Utah trip and see how things go.

Week 1

Day 1
Shoulders/arms and Ab ripper. Shoulders and arms are upper body that you need for traversing and maintaining balance and body stability.

Day 2
Power 90 Plyo/Legs - this is the core of the leg and body workout for skiing itself. It's kind of a combination between Legs/Back-X (leg portion) and Plyo-X.

Day 3
Core Synergistics - this focuses on the core muscle group, very important for powder and steep skiing.

Day 4 Plyo-X/Cardio-X - this one will be kind of play it by ear. I think two plyo's may be too much for some weeks.

Day 5
Yoga-X: need to do this for muscle stretching and overall fitness

Day 6 Leg/core workout - this is my own combo of leg and core exercises.


3 circuits of next 3
a Bosu squats w dumbbells
b Bosu single leg hops
c overhand wide grip pullups

3 circuits of next 3
d squat toe raise
e Dumbell press overhead/lunge
f reverse grip chinup

Break - 1 min

3 sets of next two
g leg press/toe raise
h close grip pullups

i speed squats (15) left, then right, 10 more jumping
j alternating pullups

k - Cooldown and stretch!

Day 7 rest

Week 2 next entry ...

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